Peering policy

Stratagem has an open peering policy, subject to certain technical, commercial and legal requirements. At times, local infrastructure requirements or constraints may modify these requirements on a temporary or long-term basis.

Traffic & Technical Requirements

We generally do not have a minimum traffic requirement for public or private peering. We are happy to discuss any potential peering requests. Technical requirements are as below.

  • Publicly routable ASN
  • Publicly routable address space (at least one /24 of IPv4 and/or one /48 of IPv6 space)
  • ASN record completed in PeeringDB
  • 24x7 NOC contact
  • Presence at one of the locations listed in our PeeringDB entry
  • Up to date Maintainer, ASN, AS-SET, and Route/Route6 objects
  • Neither party will establish a route of last resort directed towards the other

Contact information

To contact us, please email

Changes to this peering policy

We may update this peering policy from time to time to reflect any changes to our use of your personal information. We also may make changes as required to comply with changes in applicable law or regulatory requirements.

This peering policy was last updated October 2020